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About Us

“WSP Environment & Energy has been operating in the UK since 1995. It is where our business started and London and our UK operation remains a key centre in our global business, so we have always enjoyed a really strong leadership position in the UK. Back in 1995 we started with 1 person working from the London office. Today we have offices in key cities across the UK and a large multi-disciplinary team of experts.


During this time we’ve built a team of great people. We know our clients and their sectors well. We’ve worked on some amazing projects, and we’ve been recognised for some fantastic awards along the way. We are proud of the diverse business we have built and of the great work we produce for our clients.” Brad Blundell, Key Client Services Director.


What we do

We offer the full range of WSP’s services from the UK. You can read more about that in our Global Services section but let’s give you a flavour of what we do. We have one of Europe’s largest Soil & Groundwater and Remediation teams. Our dedicated energy team work with leading corporates and utilities to help them shape their sustainability strategies. Our environmental planning team includes experts covering all aspects of planning support, including ecology, air quality, archaeology and sustainability. We also have one of the biggest teams of acousticians and have a well established and respected corporate services division. The list could go on


Where we work

Our principal UK offices include London (our international centre for WSP and GENIVAR), Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh. From our office network we support projects all around the UK, and also into Europe and other parts of the world. We regularly collaborate with colleagues in other international offices and where we have centres of excellence in the UK, our staff regularly travel overseas to contribute to and share knowledge on international projects.

Brad Blundell
Environmental Advisor of the Year 2011

Environmental Advisor of the Year 2011

We’re delighted to announce we’ve won Acquisition Monthly’s prestigious Environmental Advisor of the Year award for the third time in five years.

Find out why we won

Environmental Advisor of the Year 2011