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Behaviours & Communications

Most organisations appreciate the importance of engaging with their stakeholders.  And most organisations set objectives around their environmental impacts and health and safety standards.  But when everybody is really busy, and you aren’t actually certain that everyone is engaged, how do you report effectively and drive behavioural change?


It’s a challenge that our global team of corporate strategy experts are well placed to help you with.  We understand the dynamics of environmental management programmes, sustainability and climate change.  And, we are also very experienced at turning that understanding into effective and highly engaging communication programmes.  


In our opinion there are two fundamentals.  Positive urgency in internal communication programmes, and visible leadership from senior management.  Not rocket science, and admittedly not a silver bullet either.  However, we advocate a sense of urgency in putting together a well-defined communications programme to drive through behavioural change.  And successful behavioural change is always more likely to succeed when championed from the top of an organisation.


From the team at WSP you can expect assistance with:


  • Stakeholder facilitation – an engagement process that ensures you are meeting stakeholders expectations and delivering to your sustainability objectives.


  • Corporate reporting – we’ll help you report in a way that is relevant and material to your intended audience, delivering clear information on performance, practices and commitments.


  • Training and capacity building – we’ll help you build knowledge and awareness across your teams on the implications of sustainability, climate change, health and safety issues etc. which will drive behavioural change.


  • Behavioural change and communication programmes – critical to achieving understanding and buy-in to your vision and goals, and effecting positive change; we’ll help you shape your internal communication agenda and manage behavioural change.


Strategy is nothing without action.  Action is nothing unless planned, directed and implemented.  You’ll find our methodologies are very thorough.  We pride ourselves on delivering effective programmes of engagement and communication that drive behavioural change.


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