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Reviews and Benchmarking

If you have programmes addressing sustainability, climate change, environmental or social issues it’s vitally important they focus on the right issues for your business and make a real difference. 


We will undertake thorough reviews of your existing activities to assess how you are addressing the issues from a performance and cost perspective. We’ll benchmark these against either your own objectives, peer organisations and the standards of your industry, or internationally accepted best practice.  


Once we’ve established what you have, we can develop the strategy and road map needed to take you to where you want to be.


A review is likely to identify areas that require some financial investment to improve performance. But we are also focussed on identifying commercial opportunities that deliver new revenues, as well as financial sustainability improvements. And our abilities in this area are what we believe distinguish us.


Conducting the reviews


We conduct desk research, and with you, we also identify the right people to interview amongst your staff and stakeholders. We collect quantitative and qualitative information and will also use tools such as surveys and questionnaires to gather extensive data.




We put this information into context by benchmarking it against the appropriate standards. Through primary and secondary research we determine what issues are being addressed by others in your industry, how they are doing this, and what represents global best practice. And we map your performance against this to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


What do you get from this?


We will provide our findings to you in whatever way is best for you – presentations, reports or dedicated web portals. We won’t use jargon and we will always come straight to the point, giving you the information you want in the clearest way possible. Our report will typically include a review of our findings, interpretative analysis and prioritised recommendations.


And these findings help us on our journey to develop the right strategy and change management programme for you, which you can read more about in the pages that follow.

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What a review should do

What a review should do

Our reviews don’t just identify corporate risks, critically they identify new commercial opportunities that will impact your bottom line. This is where we feel we are distinguished.