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Building Codes

Property, and the emissions from them, is a core contributor to climate change. So it is no surprise that new measures are being introduced to govern the design, construction and operation of real estate around the world. A global low carbon property market is on the horizon, and this sector will not be able to afford to maintain buildings with poor environmental performance.


We are expert in developing sustainability strategies that shape the design of new buildings to meet planning and building regulations, as well as wider corporate aspirations and targets. And we assess existing buildings against these regulations and codes and design upgrade or action plans for improved performance and certification.


We understand the requirements of building codes such as LEED, BREEAM International, the UK’s Code for Sustainable Homes and many others. We know what is required to achieve the ratings and we have the expertise to integrate solutions to reduce energy consumption and mitigate harmful environmental impacts.


This ranges from assessing a buildings fabric and façade, to integrating onsite renewable energy systems, to water efficiency and reduction, pollution, waste management and sustainable materials. We also work with our dedicated Environmental Planning teams to introduce wider expertise around noise, air quality, ecology and much more. And we have teams of in-house qualified assessors for the various building codes.


But we can go further than delivering to pre-existing building codes. We can develop strategies for carbon neutral developments and we have contributed to the writing of building codes and regulations, such as Dubai’s Green Building Regulations. We have all the right experts with great experience to guide you through the Codes you need to consider and establish targets and how to reach those targets.