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Mechanical Services

A comfortable environment is one where there is freedom from annoyance and distraction, so that tasks can be carried out unhindered. Everyday experience tells us that there are a host of factors which are relevant. Sound, lighting, colour, temperatures humidity, air movement and air purity play a part, but other psychological factors also have an important role.


This is where we step in. We team up with our engineering colleagues to deliver quiet, efficient and vibration free building services systems.  It’s important. Mechanical services plant noise can annoy, cause staff distraction and limit concentration and productivity if they are poorly designed.


Wherever possible we incorporate ideas for natural and sustainable solutions to minimise the demand and associated carbon footprints. Then, together with our mechanical engineers, or other third party engineers, we get to work on designing in noise and vibration mitigation measures.


We help to specify to the M&E plant and systems selected, evaluating their noise and vibration qualities. We design in extra measures to protect user comfort. These include traditional air conditioning system attenuators, plant vibration isolators, rooftop acoustic screens, and occasionally something more innovative such as quiet and sustainable ground water cooling systems as opposed to noisy mechanical chiller plant.


We have devised acoustical solutions for mechanical systems serving hospitals, stadiums, office blocks, tall towers, transportation hubs, industrial units and large data centres.

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Acoustics Brochure

Acoustics Brochure

Our global team of specialists deliver acoustic, audiovisual, noise and vibration services across all sectors around the world. 

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Acoustics Brochure

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