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Local Authorities

Finding and assessing suitable sites for waste facilities is not always easy, there’s a lot to consider. We work with local authorities all around the world to identify, assess, recommend and prepare suitable sites.


We can identify potentially suitable sites to you for consideration or assess a list of preferred sites that you might already have. Our assessments tend to be broken into three stages;


> Stage 1

We determine which sites do not meet the required size, shape, location and groundwater protection criteria.


> Stage 2

We analyse the remaining sites and exclude those that do not meet transportation needs, or developed land status and neighbouring land use requirements.


> Stage 3

We use a weighting and scoring system to grade sites according to criteria such as their proximity to conservation areas and local archaeology.


We conduct site visits to the remaining potential sites and produce a SWOT analysis where we consider issues such as local road access, visual intrusion and proximity of sensitive receptors (such as housing).


Our thorough assessment process then enables us to provide you with clear recommendations for sites which are considered suitable for future waste facility development.