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Carbon Assessment & Analysis

Climate Change is perhaps the greatest challenge that business, government, and society have ever faced. WSP, as a leading provider of services to the built and natural environment, see the evidence of this every day.


As a consequence there is a continually evolving policy landscape at an international and local level that is putting in place drivers for change in the way we live and travel, what we consume and where our energy comes from. Carbon emissions from our urban environments are at the centre of this debate and WSP is actively leading responses to this agenda.     


Understanding your carbon profile is of critical importance for both environmental and regulatory reasons. It allows reduction strategies to be focused upon the areas of greatest impact and allows budgets to be effectively allocated. Our team provides comprehensive carbon assessment and management services whether for development projects, entire cities, materials and products, transport plans, corporations, business plans, government policies or even Google Searches!


We have established sophisticated tools for carbon footprinting and analysis such as our ‘heat mapping’ method which can be applied in many scenarios including:

  • Buildings, developments, cities or regions
  • Transport and planning frameworks
  • Policy or government strategies
  • Across any organisation
  • A product’s lifecycle


Our approach addresses not just direct contributions, but also upstream and downstream emissions. We then profile the emission reduction opportunities available and the associated capital and operational costs. With this information we prepare an informed carbon reduction strategy and deploy advanced decision making tools that maximise environmental benefit, save costs, and future-proof your goals.  


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More about carbon

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More about carbon