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Climate Change & Carbon Management

Along with the economic pressures that so many countries are facing, responding to climate change and implementing sustainable business models is one of our greatest challenges. Indeed this is what WSP Environment & Energy’s entire business is about. Whether it’s remediating contaminated land, building greener developments, improving energy efficiency, carbon management, reducing waste or devising corporate sustainability challenges.


In this area of our website we explain how we can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to respond to and prepare for climate change. It is redefining business operations, products and services, supply chain management, and real estate commitments across the world.


But the impacts of climate change are hard to predict. And with so many issues being drawn into the agenda it can be hard to make sense of it all and know where to begin. It is our business to understand all the facets of climate change and carbon management, and the wider environmental and energy issues, and we have technical experts in all the right areas. So we are well placed to demystify climate change, identify the material issues for your business and devise appropriate action plans to respond.


We can help in so many ways. We devise global organisation-wide climate change strategies. We are experts in all areas of carbon management. We conduct greenhouse gas audits and inventories and implement emission reduction programmes. We use life cycle assessments and footprints to identify your areas of biggest impact and develop mitigation measures. We deliver regulatory compliance. We can help you with trading and offsetting schemes. We can implement green product strategies. And we develop green and low-carbon buildings and developments.


There is no standard approach. Every business is affected differently by climate change. But we have the will, the expertise and the experience to help.

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Sustainable Aviation

Sustainable Aviation

As the aviation industry responds to the impacts of climate change, we help airports shape a sustainable, low carbon future.

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Sustainable Aviation

What we do video

What we do video

Select the video and listen to Andrew Bright of WSP describe what we do in respect of climate change advice.