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CDP Water Disclosure

Are you prepared for the low water economy? Do you understand how your supply chain will be impacted by water scarcity? Do you know the risks water scarcity exposures your business to?

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has now launched ‘CDP Water Disclosure’.  Over 400 of the world’s most water-intensive companies have been invited to participate and complete the 2011 questionnaire.


Many businesses have been measuring and reporting water use across their operations as part of annual environmental or sustainability reporting for a number of years. However, it is not necessarily reported in a consistent manner.


How will my organisation benefit from taking part?

Taking part in the Water Disclosure project will help you prepare for the low water economy. It will give you an in-depth understanding of your usage ‘hot-spots’ throughout your processes and supply chain. And it will help you to set goals for reducing your water footprint.


There are currently limited controls on company water use. But this won’t last. Water scarcity is becoming more and more of an issue globally and it will soon become a commodity in the market place. Acting now will reduce your risks and your costs.



Why should I contact WSP for advice on water disclosure?


  • We know the requirements for successful sustainability disclosure today is complex – we have helped manage this complexity for our clients by preparing their responses to Carbon Disclosure Project, and we are proud to be a U.S. Accredited Provider to the CDP.



  • We have robust experience of working with global companies to understand their full water challenges we have developed practical water footprints and strategies on specific products and across organisations. Our own water footprinting tool was developed in recognition of a need for a more simple, commercial and pragmatic solution that was right for our clients.



  • We quickly and efficiently provide a third party perspective on the submission – we can use our water footprinting and wider technical expertise across the water subject to develop a more focused approach to risk and opportunity disclosure.



  • We use a team of global experts to provide disclosure supportour expert teams across the globe are considered leading authorities on water management. Our global teams of strategists and local technical professionals can implement a full range of water process efficiency and demand management services to help you at a range of your operating locations.



Get in touch


Australia – Tim Parker
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Europe – Andrew Bright
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Africa – Sean Doel
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USA – Eric Christensen
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Asia – Chris Hazen
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Middle East – Simon Clouston

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