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Closure Planning

Tighter regulations and improved corporate responsibility has evolved the process of mine closure. Poor closure processes can result in significant liabilities, from a financial, legal and reputational perspective.


And so the considerations are now far broader. They include socio-economic factors, sustainable business practice, and environmental, social, health and safety risks. Even those running active mines are often required to provide for eventual closure during operation, from both a planning and financial perspective.


We have extensive experience in managing mine closures and mine closure planning processes, particularly in Southern Africa. Our expertise and approach can consist of:

  • Effective closure planning 
  • Project planning and management
  • Legal compliance, including national, provincial and local government requirements
  • Geochemical, geotechnical, civil and process engineering requirements
  • Biophysical requirements such water, air, land, energy, waste and biodiversity, socio-economic ‘climate’, requirements and influences
  • Socio-labour requirements (such as a Social and Labour Plan)
  • Stakeholder engagement, public liaison and consultation
  • Leading innovation and technology
  • Flexibility, adaptability and economic viability
  • Best practice rehabilitation and remediation practices
  • Political strategies and influences
  • Sustainable development motivators and influences
  • Desired post closure outcomes, or post-closure land use
  • Effective and efficient closure implementation
  • Closure management, monitoring and maintenance


This approach ensures innovative, sustainable solutions that are compliant with legal requirements, stakeholder requirements, are economically viable and that strive toward a positive legacy.