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Risk Assessments

It’s about providing an answer, not just identifying the problem


Detailed site investigation identifies the problem of contaminated land, but risk assessment provides the key to the answers. 


Contaminated land with the potential to affect human health or our environment poses a problem for stakeholders.  By assessing the possibilities and consequences of the effect of contaminated sites, we provide stakeholders with the ability to make informed business decisions. 


Put simply, we model the likelihood of pollutant migration, consider nearby receptors, the possibility of a scenario occurring, and the potential effects these scenarios could have on our ecosystems and on human health. 


Our approach is to collect robust and representative data, apply qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, and build cost effective strategies to mitigate risks posed by contaminated soils and groundwater.  Running qualitative and quantitative assessment methods in parallel allows us to build a detailed picture of the ecological and health risks.


It’s a holistic science


We do not have separate specialists undertaking data collection, and interpretation and assessment.  Our professionals see a site through from inception to completion to allow a greater understanding of the situation at the site, its impact on the environment and affect on our clients.  We consider that assessing and mitigating environmental risk is a holistic science.


Our culture is one of closure and, for sites where remediation is required, we have our own in-house contracting teams, who can advise us at every stage of the risk assessment process.


We are passionate about solving problems.  Our global team works with the best available models around the world and are at the forefront of developing leading edge technologies for the characterisation of environmental systems and potential risk scenarios. 

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Evaluating Land Banks

Evaluating Land Banks

Quantifying environmental liabilities is a critical part of assessing the value contained in land banks and portfolios at a time when divestment is important.

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Supplier to oil & gas sector

Supplier to oil & gas sector

WSP is an officially registered supplier to the oil and gas sector via FPAL – First Point Assessment Ltd. 

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Supplier to oil & gas sector