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Culture Change Programmes

There are many environmental, sustainability, health and safety and ethical issues that drive an organisations leadership team to pursue a behavioural and cultural change management process.


Critically, successful cultural change will come from commitment, vision and visible leadership on the issue from the senior management team.  It is absolutely right for leaders to ask: “what do I gain from doing this  –  what are the risks?”  These should be examined, and at WSP we can help you conduct thorough risk management audits that highlight where behavioural change is required to minimise risk and reduce the environmental impact of a business. 


Ultimately having identified the risks from not taking action, the challenge is to drive change that everyone buys into.  And the route to changing employee behaviours starts with ownership, advocacy and commitment from the leadership.


At WSP we have behavioural change experts across our global business.  Each member of our team offers a different technical perspective.  Some can advise you on specific approaches if cultural change is required towards health and safety; others can focus on commitments to a sustainability strategy.  


But all of the team will tell you that a clear vision combined with strong and effective communications are the key elements of a successful culture change programme. 


To make a difference, people first need to understand the issues and challenges.  Staff need to understand:

  • Why the issues are important
  • What it means for them
  • What needs to be done to tackle the issues
  • What they can do


At WSP we will help you devise a clear, succinct and motivating programme that reflects your business personality and drives culture change to minimise the risks you face.  We will focus on identifying champions who embrace change and act as advocates to influence others; we will focus on ‘quick wins’; and we will focus on guiding people through a process that shows them what the future looks like and how they can respond and fit in.


Strategy is nothing without action, and action is nothing unless it is planned, directed and implemented in an effective change management programme.

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What Rexam plc say

What Rexam plc say

“Your team provided us with balanced, business focused support in a timely and cost effective manner, to help us implement cultural change in the way we manage our EHS programmes.”

Group Risk Manager, Rexam plc