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Infrastructure Design

The sustainable management of water resources and its quality are key considerations for any proposed development. Developers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate how existing resources will be protected, existing flood risk maintained or reduced and additional water consumption minimised.


We can design solutions for the management of these key considerations throughout the project lifecycle. It is at the site allocation stage that the whole cycle of water management needs to be considered, alongside the impact climate change may have on the water cycle and how a development will respond to these issues.


Our work can form part of the masterplan or scheme design, as well as feeding into Environmental Impact Assessments.


Let’s tell you a little more about what we can do…


We can predict the water demand of your development and its impact


We undertake water demand modelling to ascertain the initial and annual water demands of both a proposed masterplan, or for an existing development. And we can proceed to calculate a water footprint to understand the environmental impact of a development, which includes all aspects of water use, from its infrastructure to the behaviours of those living and working within it.


We can design sustainable water infrastructure


We can address the shortage of water as a resource at a macro-level by infrastructure planning in order to minimise the wasteful use and transport of water through a development, and at a micro level, by providing advice on installing water saving devices in residential and commercial developments. 


We can mitigate the risk and effects of flooding


We advise on the risks of flooding and the mitigation required to address flood risk while complying with national and local planning policy. We provide guidance on the design, planning and management of urban sewerage and drainage systems and use 2D flood modelling to assess overland flows to ensure new developments are not in the route of overland flow paths.


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Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments

We have teams of specialists managing Environmental Impact Assessments for all types of projects in locations all around the world.

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

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