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Developing successful careers

Our people are our real product and it is our people that really distinguish us and make a difference to our clients. We actively position ourselves as the employer of choice in this sector and have attracted and retained some of the industry’s best. We can only maintain that through the continual development of their careers.

We manage this in a wide range of ways, some formal and easily visible, others more informal and not so easy to write about. But here’s a look at some of the things we do to ensure we keep and develop the right talent in our business:


  • We don’t promote and develop people based on age or length of tenure, we look at ability, potential and attitude. This means the right people work their way through and up the organisation
  • We encourage people to show initiative, create ideas and take responsibility for managing and following them through, which ensures a great influx of ideas and energy across the business
  • We ensure we have in place tools and processes to help everyone share knowledge and learn from each other and we openly communicate our vision, strategy and activities to ensure anyone and everyone can contribute
  • We provide professional training in-house through the WSP University and other initiatives, we allocate mentors and we support people through external courses and accreditations where appropriate
  • We operate a country level ‘Task Force’ programme which enables promising mid-level staff the opportunity to work on a task force for two-years, tackling strategic business issues and reporting back to senior management
  • We give our people the chance to work on international projects and second or permanently transfer to other offices around the world
  • We encourage our staff to immerse themselves in their sector and/or field of speciality and support them through memberships, study time, research projects, lecturing, writing papers, and joining industry forums amongst other things

Hopefully this gives you a flavour of what we do and how seriously we take the development of our talented people. You can of course find out more by going to the careers section.