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Product & Service Design

For many consumers the environmental credentials of a product or service are as an important purchase criteria as any. Many organisations have created competitive edge by improving the environmental performance of their products and are enjoying new or increased revenue streams as a result.


We have all the right technical expertise, sector experience, and tools to work with you on the sustainability credentials of your product. Let’s give you some examples of how we can help:


  • Product labels and footprints
  • Understanding what legislation applies to your products and how to comply
  • Eco-design to improve the general environmental performance of products
  • Design for end-of-life and the management of ‘take-back’ schemes and recycling
  • Supply-chain management programmes


You can read more about our product footprint and compliance services in the other pages in this section of the website. But our advice goes wider. We can help you to look at the environmental impacts of your manufacturing processes. We can assess more environmentally friendly alternatives to your current raw materials. We can look at ways to reduce the waste at the end of your products life. And we can ensure your whole supply-chain is aligned to meet the sustainability credentials of your products.


Here are just a few ways we help clients with product design.


We worked with the Sustainable Packaging Alliance in Australia to develop an online tool to provide life cycle assessments on the packaging used within the food and drink industry.


Also in Australia we undertook a life cycle assessment of vending machines to assist in the design of new rapid cooling technologies to reduce the need for constant cooling.


Our intuitive online eco-design tool, Product Ecology, enables designers, engineers and brand owners to assess the lifecycle impacts of their products and prioritise design choices.

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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

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Sustainable Packaging

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