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Many ecological areas suffer damage and need restoration, or undergo restoration and enhancement activities as part of a new development or intended land-use. We have expert teams specialising in designing and implementing ecological restorations, whether on Special Conservation Areas in Europe, on wetlands and sensitive water environments in the US or in designated mining sites in South Africa.


We have a pragmatic and innovative approach and design schemes that achieve project objectives within the constraints of a particular site. Our programmes are commercially and ecologically sensitive and are carefully planned to compliment each other.


Our services range from storm waters prevention plans to sediment erosion and control measures, from construction supervision to permitting advice. We can address all aspects of water quality, wildlife, vegetation and sustainable ecosystems.  We aim to restore native ecosystem structure and functions and we do this by integrating the form and function of natural and constructed landscapes. 


Sustainable habitat restoration plans can play a significant role in the success of development projects by providing enhancements above and beyond the expectations of the general public.  Early consultation on restoration plans can provide benefits for wildlife, recreation, green infrastructure and landscape.


So what’s the key to success? It is expert input to restoration schemes to capitalise on the opportunities for the project and the local area.  Habitat restoration can be a wonderful way of achieving multi objectives and showing that a development will have far reaching long term benefits.


We’re not afraid of getting dirty. We take a hands-on, on-site approach. Combining the experience and diversity of our team of specialists, our designs come to fruition through careful project management and construction oversight. And when restoration is complete, we carefully and diligently monitor schemes for compliance with environmental regulations. 

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Award Winning

Award Winning

In the US we have won awards from the Environmental Protection Agency and State and Federal representatives for our work at Calera Creek in California. We identified and delineated existing waters, monitored for compliance, designed a new wetland and riparian ecosystem using HGM, and restored the habitat of the threatened garter snake and red-legged frog.

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