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Ecological Surveys

We have a large and established ecology team who are well placed to conduct ecological and biodiversity surveys for all sizes and types of developments. Our findings are presented in clear and easy to understand reports. 


We work with many of our clients from the conception of a project, assessing their plans and sites to identify ecologically sensitive areas as early in the process as possible. We can undertake a complete ecological and/or biodiversity survey, or conduct stand alone surveys on a particular aspect of ecological concern, such as a Bird Survey.


The fact that we have experts in all aspects of ecology and biodiversity, from licensed animal specialists for birds, bats, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, through to protected habitats, designated sites, botanical areas and wetlands, means our surveys will identify all of the issues you need to consider.


Our surveys can include:

  • Constraint Walkovers
  • Habitat Assessments, Screening and Scoping
  • Extended Phase 1 Surveys
  • Full Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Protected Species Surveys and Translocation
  • Monitoring Strategies
  • Ecological Footprints
  • Biodiversity Assessments
  • Wetland delineation and functional assessment


Our ecology team deal with ecological issues from initial baseline surveys and data searches to reporting, mitigation and enhancements required for legislative compliance.  The team use the baseline surveys gathered for projects to complete Ecology (EcIA) chapters for wider impact assessment studies on sites. 


We can also provide pre-purchase advice and guidance in relation to protected species and habitats to give the client a clear idea of the likely ecological constraints in relation to the site.

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Ecology Studies in the Seychelles

Ecology Studies in the Seychelles

We produced an Environmental Management Plan and undertook terrestrial and marine ecology studies for a luxury resort development in the Seychelles. It includes 60 hectares of reclaimed land and another 60 hectares reclaimed from the sea. In addition to specialist studies, we calculated the carbon footprint for the development and designed rehabilitation and monitoring programmes for the marine ecology.