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Ecological Audits & Footprints

Protecting or enhancing our natural environment is a key consideration for development. The only way to know whether we are indeed protecting and enhancing our natural environment is to effectively measure and monitor conditions.


Ecological audits and/or footprints can be used to effectively identify, quantify and track a development’s areas of impact in terms of the surrounding ecology and biodiversity. When properly applied they can be used as a strategic planning tool by providing a clear and easy to understand vision of the areas of impact. From this, action plans to address the areas of biggest impact can be developed and implemented.


Ecological auditing is a way of cataloguing what biological interests exist on a site and using this information to determine the relative success of a project.  This method of understanding ecological aspects of sites is becoming increasingly important as legislative requirements to understand and work with wildlife are growing.


There are a number of tools available to help understand the ecological baseline on sites, with a view to increasing the ecological carrying capacity.  These include:

  • BREEAM Assessments
  • Farm Environmental Management Plans
  • Biodiversity Audits


Ecological footprinting is about understanding the requirements of species on site and providing them with sufficient habitat to persist on site or increase in numbers and diversity.  Understanding how wildlife and the built environment can co-exist is the key to success.


Our ecological audits and footprints look at the use of renewable resource required to deliver the activity of an organisation, development, region or country. It measures the impact in terms of land area measured in global hectares and looks at the bioproductivity in relation to energy, water, land and biodiversity.

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Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

We have compiled ecological footprints for organisations and sites all around the world. We even produced an ecological footprint for the city of London!

Ecological Footprint