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Ecological Assessments

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA’s)


Our ecology team have extensive experience in undertaking EcIA’s, both as stand alone reports, or for a wider Environmental Impact Assessment. We have experts in all aspects of ecology and biodiversity, from licensed animal specialists for birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, protected habitats, designated sites, botanical areas and wetlands. You can be confident that our EcIA’s will identify all the issues you need to consider. And should you need it, we have the capability to devise practical solutions and action plans to address any ecological impacts in accordance with relevant legislation as well as best practice.



Appropriate Assessment (AA) (Europe)


The European Habitat Directive protects habitats and species of European importance and requires an Appropriate Assessment (AA) to establish the impact that plans or projects may have on site integrity. We scope the parameters of your AA and advise on all technical components.


Our experts are skilled at collecting data on the designated site, often through field surveys, including: 

  • Habitat assessments
  • Visitor surveys
  • Air quality monitoring and modelling
  • Acoustics surveys
  • Bird disturbance research
  • Habitat management and improvement plans


We interpret findings, their potential impact and present these in clear understandable reports.



Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) (Europe)


A HRA examines a policy or proposal to determine whether it could adversely affect the integrity of a European Protected Site. We are experienced in conducting HRA’s and have developed mitigation plans or alternative options for land-use where significant negative impacts have been identified.


Your Regional Planning Body or Local Planning Authority should advise you if a HRA is needed. But they are required for European sites termed as ‘Natura 2000’ (N2K) which comprise Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Areas (SPA). It is anticipated that potential SPAs and Ramsar sites may also be included.

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Habitats Regulations Assessments

Habitats Regulations Assessments

Take a look at our UK experience in respect of advising clients on this important piece of regulation.

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Environmental assessments for SWMP's

Environmental assessments for SWMP's

Our experts outline three essential environmental assessments to consider when preparing any Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) in the UK. 

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Do you need an SEA?

Do you need an SEA?

The requirement for an AA often identifies the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisal (SA).

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