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We undertake surveys to characterise faunal and floral habitat

  • We analyse habitats to identify their health
  • We assess contaminants and classify soils
  • We conduct surveys for rare, threatened and endangered species
  • We assess ecological risk to predict the occurrence of certain scenarios
  • We model water flow and movement and assess that impact on the landscape
  • We analyse the damage to environment due to natural change
  • And we assess the cummulative impact of all ecological aspects on the ecosystem


Ecological assessment allows us to build a picture of the environmental situation surrounding waters and wetlands.  The environmental situation might range from water quality, to wildlife, and to vegetation.


We make recommendations based on current federal, state and local regulations.  These are substantiated with thorough scientific analysis.


A hydrogeomorphic approach


Our scientists are leading the way in the development of hydrogeomorphic assessments of waters and wetlands.  This tool is useful in estimating the degree of hydrological biogeochemical, plant community and faunal habitat performance.


Our researchers and scientists identify performance variables and prepare algorithms that express those functions in the simplest way.  In brief, it involves literature reviews and field collection of data. That’s biotic, abiotic and socio-cultural ecosystem variables. 


The hydrogeomorphic process is a rapid, efficient and reference based method to assess changes in ecosystem functioning. 

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Dragon Fly
Biodiversity Action Plan

Biodiversity Action Plan

We undertook biodiversity assessments and developed a BAP for three of Highveld Steel & Vanadium Corporation Limited facilities across South Africa. We produced biodiversity baseline assessments, engaged the public and stakeholders, set biodiversity objectives, undertook a biodiversity evaluation, and managed and formulated the BAP planning and monitoring strategy.