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  • Are you aware of the natural resource “value” contained within your portfolio?
  • Is the natural resource “value” of your land greater than any associated environmental liability?
  • Are you required to restore an ecosystem?
  • Is a third party negotiating the use of your land and offering to restore it post-use?
  • Could you benefit by carving out some environmental “credits” associated with your natural resources?


Our experts in the fields of ecosystem valuation are able to conduct assessments identifying the ecological, recreational and aesthetic services of an ecosystem and then quantify the value using appropriate scientific methodologies. We provide statistical evidence of how well a natural resource is performing and what and where that could have worth.


Benefits include: a potential increase in the value of an owned or managed piece of property; potential offset against an existing environmental liability; potentially offsetting future costs of expanded operations; and increasing the donation value of a piece of property.    


To quantify the baseline of an environment or habitat gives a true picture of its current health. The quantification can be used to ascertain current conditions, to benchmark for improvement, to inform a design for betterment or simply to ensure restoration has been a success.


We work with our clients to assist them to identify the natural resource asset components of their portfolios, understand their commercial and environmental positions and establish priorities.  Together with our clients, we are finding a multitude of uses for this kind of information.  These uses include understanding and setting targets for land restoration and reinstatement; working with regulators; increasing the overall value of properties, and using the information to support negotiation.