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We design and implement the restoration of sensitive water and wetland environments.  We do this with one aim: to achieve project objectives within the site constraints.


Sensitively designing restoration projects


Based on regional reference conditions and sound data, our restoration designs are ecologically and commercially sensitive.  We approach every project independently and apply our extensive ecosystem experience in context with site setting.  Care is taken to ensure that we design solutions which address water quality, wildlife, vegetation and a sustainable ecosystem. 


We aim to restore native ecosystem structure and functions.  We do this by integrating the form and function of natural and constructed landscapes.  Hydrologic, geomorphic, biologic and sociologic disciplines are applied to resolve complex issues.


We understand the importance of engaging all stakeholders.  Because of this, our scientists are experienced in attending and contributing to public reviews and consultations. 


Constructing, implementing and monitoring robust designs


We take a hands-on, on-site approach.  Our services range from storm water prevention plans to sediment erosion and control measures, from construction supervision to permitting advice. 


Combining the experience and diversity of our team of specialists, our designs come to fruition through careful project management and construction oversight.


We advise on federal, state and local permitting.  And when restoration is complete, we carefully and diligently monitor schemes for compliance with environmental regulations.