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Trading, Offsetting & Regulations

We don’t need to explain that climate change is one of the most critical challenges we face. And you will have seen the wealth of new legislation and voluntary schemes being implemented to reduce the impact of climate change. There’s a lot to contend with.


We have expertise across all the major international and domestic emission trading and offsetting schemes, and climate change regulations. Whether the EU ETS, the California Global Warming Solutions Act or the Australian National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Act or the international Carbon Disclosure Project.


Regulatory Compliance


We help you to manage specific regulatory responsibilities or can operate across your entire business to review all climate change compliance exposures. We help by conducting and developing:


  • Compliance audits
  • Regulatory impact assessments
  • Management systems
  • Management programmes
  • Online compliance databases
  • Staff training
  • Regulator liaison


Whatever it takes to meet your compliance obligations and gain real business value from the associated activities, you can be confident that you are working with people who know their stuff.


Emissions Trading and Offsetting


If your business is exposed to compulsory trading schemes we will help you to understand the impact, and can either train you to operate on the scheme or manage it for you. If you are exploring voluntary trading or offsetting schemes we will understand your business dynamics and identify the appropriate schemes or mix of schemes for you.


And we can assist you in taking advantage of the Kyoto Carbon Mechanisms like the Clean Development Mechanism or the Joint Implementation process. But to use these schemes, you first need to understand the emission levels from your business and where possible reduce them. We can help you to do that too!

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