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Emissions Trading & Offsetting

We have expertise across all the major international emission trading and offsetting schemes. We help you to understand the impact of such schemes on your business, ensure you achieve compliance with the schemes, and extract the maximum value from them. But to use these schemes, you first need to understand the emission levels from your business. And we can help you to do that too!


We understand the EU ETS (emissions trading scheme) and the UK CRC (carbon reduction programme), and can advise on the likely impact of schemes that may soon come into force in other parts of the world such as the US and Australia.  


Walk before you run…


Before you account for excess emissions, either through trading or offsetting schemes, you should first ensure your energy consumption and emissions have been minimised as far as possible. This won’t be as expensive or difficult as it might sound, and its often more cost-effective than trading or offsetting. We work to reduce consumption, identify efficiencies and in some cases assess potential for clean or greener energy supplies. Then we can assess the balance of your emissions and explore emissions trading or offsetting schemes.


If your business is exposed to compulsory trading schemes we will help you to understand the impact on your business and operations, and will then either train you to operate on the scheme or manage it for you. If you are exploring voluntary offsetting schemes we will understand your business dynamics and identify the appropriate schemes or mix of schemes for you to use.


You may even be able to earn money from your reduction initiatives and sell your unused emission allowances.

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A Simple Guide

A Simple Guide

We have produced a simple guide on the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, which introduces you to the requirements of the scheme through to 2013.

Download the guide

A Simple Guide