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Efficiency Audits

It is critical from a cost, regulatory and reputational perspective to ensure you are energy efficient. And most organisations will already be running energy efficiency initiatives.


We have one of the largest teams of energy experts. Uniquely to most, through utilising our wider network of expertise, we can combine energy efficiency audits with wider carbon, water, environmental and sustainability audits. Where this combination is appropriate it saves time and money for our clients. 


Our audits cover all aspects of an organisation’s operations. Including its property, utility systems, production processes, travel and logistics, technology, products and so forth. Fundamentally our audits aim to reduce energy demand and deliver reductions in emissions outputs. This reduces costs, helps to meet corporate objectives, delivers regulatory compliance and controls emissions. We might even be able to identify revenue generating opportunities for you through our activities.


We identify prioritised energy reduction and efficiency solutions. These will include relatively quick and easy solutions such as re-setting existing equipment to run more efficiently, through to capital investment initiatives such as replacing superseded equipment or building onsite renewable energy facilities.


We have built up years of experience in energy auditing and surveying. For example, we audit for Motiva, the Finnish Government’s initiative for energy conservation and the promotion of renewable energy. And we have a strong team of auditors trained to implement the UK’s Energy Performance Certification scheme which promotes energy efficiency in buildings. We have experience in auditing all types of operations, large and small, from commercial offices to large industrial plants.

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