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Resources & Energy Supply

Securing clean and efficient resource supplies, and effectively managing waste, is an issue of high importance.


We have one of the world’s largest dedicated energy teams made up of experts that look at every aspect of resource supply and management. We can estimate utility and resource demand at a regional, urban and site level. We have experts who can integrate pragmatic strategies to reduce that demand through optimising natural assets. We have talented engineers who can design green building energy systems and we have specialists in all forms of renewable energy and waste and water management.


So let’s focus on renewable energy…


Renewable solutions need to be considered carefully for each individual application; there is no universal solution.  We offer the skills to understand your project’s needs, identify the best technologies and integrate them into your projects. Of course, a key part of this is our extensive knowledge of the renewable technologies available, but applying this knowledge to  provide the best solution, together with costed implementation plans as required, is the key feature of our service.


We understand CHIP and tri-generation, and all the main renewable technologies, including:

  • Solar energy technologies
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro
  • Heat pumps
  • Energy from waste
  • Biofuels


And we keep up-to-date with the emerging technologies. What about heat recovery from sewers, or tapping energy from the earth’s core?  What about piezoelectricity: the ability of some materials to generate an electric charge after being squeezed or stretched? We track all of these developments, as well as keeping abreast of changes in the more established markets.


And integrated resources…


It is important for larger developments to consider their resources as a whole, including energy, waste, water and waste water.  Our teams work together to ensure we deliver a rounded, comprehensive solution to all of these issues.

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Graylingwell wins sustainability award

Graylingwell wins sustainability award

We’re delighted to announce we’ve won Sustainable Housing’s ‘Sustainable larger social housing project of the year’ award for Graylingwell Park, the UK’s first net zero carbon development.

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Graylingwell wins sustainability award

Supporting the energy sector

Supporting the energy sector

We provide a suite of services to the energy sector, working with various parties to take a project from comcept to realisation.

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Supporting the energy sector

Offshore wind - Managing Uncertainty

Offshore wind – Managing Uncertainty

Our Head of Offshore Renewables looks at consenting challenges for offshore developers and regulators, and investigates just how far we can stretch the Rochdale Envelope.

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Offshore wind - Managing Uncertainty