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Energy Management & Resources

Responding to and preparing for climate change. Energy Management. Reducing emissions. Managing water. Minimising and reusing waste. These are all issues faced every day, whether you’re a retailer, property developer, a manufacturer or an officed based organisation.


Business operations, products and services, supply chains and real estate commitments are all being redefined as a result. It’s a lot to contend with. But we can help to demystify the issues and identify the material issues on which to focus.


Let’s give you an idea of where we can help:


  • Preparing climate change adaptation and mitigation plans
  • Advising on the sustainable design of products and services, and helping you influence your supply-chains to account for climate change and resource constraints
  • Minimising your energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilising emissions trading schemes and offsets
  • Designing sustainable infrastructures for energy, waste and water within buildings and larger developments
  • Devising waste minimisation and reuse strategies
  • Developing water footprints and appropriate action plans
  • Understanding and complying with all the relevant legislation in this area


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Major changes to CRCEES

Major changes to CRCEES

Do you need to comply with the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES)? There have been some wide-spread changes to its structure as part of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

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Major changes to CRCEES