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Energy Management – Driving improved energy performance and carbon reduction

A different perspective

WSP Environment & Energy is helping clients formulate and deliver robust strategies that respond to the challenge of rising energy costs, new legislation and stakeholder pressure. We recognise that there are many energy-related challenges that face our clients:

·          Can I ensure security of supply?

·          Can we utilise biomass fuel?

·          Where could we integrate renewable power?

·          How can I protect the value of my property?

·          How can I improve the energy performance of my building?

·          What legislation is impacting us around the world and how?

·          What is our carbon footprint?

·          Should we be utilising emissions trading schemes?

·          How can I reduce our carbon emissions?

·          How can I squeeze energy cost out of my organisation?


With a global team, including some of the world’s brightest thinkers in their field of expertise, we will work collaboratively with you to shape your sustainability strategy and address these issues.


Energy Management

Our team advises and designs creative technical solutions and operational strategies to manage the energy performance of organisations as diverse as manufacturers, land and property developers, retailers and banks. We assess how to reduce energy costs, consumption and emissions. We advise on how to improve energy efficiency. We help you to comply with current and forthcoming legislation, and advise on how to extract value from emissions controls and trading regimes. Our reputation is for our commercial and pragmatic approach, underpinned by technical excellence, and we have an established track record at working with some of the most renowned organisations.


Some of the services we provide include:

·          Energy management programmes

·          Energy audits

·          Energy metering and data collection

·          Carbon footprinting

·          Carbon management programmes

·          Carbon trading compliance advice and risk reduction

·          Corporate energy and carbon reporting

·          Energy certification of buildings

·          Energy technology and installation management

·          Renewable energy appraisals and strategies

·          Emissions trading scheme advice

·           Energy training and communication programmes.


Something special to offer to our clients

We believe the combination of our commercial approach, our technical expertise and our broad range of services means we have something special to offer. Below is a snapshot of our expertise.


Energy Auditing

WSP’s energy audits assess industrial manufacturing processes, building systems and controls to identify opportunities for saving energy. We highlight energy reduction solutions for existing equipment, identify where technology has been superseded and establish metrics to demonstrate what staff can influence.


Data Management

Our energy bureau gathers, checks and monitors consumption across all utilities. This service works to help set realistic consumption targets which flex according to business patterns, and monitors performance against target. We identify irregularities for investigation and alert the appropriate individuals across the organisation.


Energy Management Programmes

To evaluate and control energy efficiency, information is gathered to set targets, identify accountabilities, and monitor and report on KPIs, whether for one-site, multi-sites, or international networks. We ensure the right people are trained and have corrective action plans.


Carbon Footprinting

WSP develops carbon footprints to help clients understand their carbon impacts and develop action plans that address the right issues. Presented in a simple graphical diagram to demonstrate carbon emissions, we enable clients to understand the carbon impact of changes across their business and their supply chain.


Carbon Management

WSP evaluates emissions and devises management programmes which address the carbon risks and opportunities across internal operations and the supply chain. We establish the impact of and opportunities from emissions trading, ensure compliance and deliver carbon reductions through demand-side management and low-carbon energy supply.


Energy Supply

Through feasibility studies, technical analysis and cost/payback assessments, WSP can advise on alternative methods of energy supply and the appropriateness of onsite renewable and low carbon technologies. Uniquely, we can design and engineer such solutions and organise project financing.


Legal Register

Our register provides awareness and knowledge to clients on the impacts of current and forthcoming carbon and energy performance legislation from around the world. Information is broken down by country and also reflects whether a client owns, occupies, is developing or transacting property. The register lists each piece of relevant information with easy access to the specific details.


Our track record


Metering and monitoring for a leading supermarket

Through our own remote metering and monitoring software, WSP is providing energy management services to South Africa’s largest supermarket chain. Across the 400 stores we identify excess consumption, provide bill-checking services, and identify opportunities for cost savings through better control and capital projects.


Energy audits for global operations

WSP is providing energy audit services to a leading global manufacturing and technology company with 280 sites around the world. We are managing a global energy audit programme for sites across Europe, the US and Asia and have identified in excess of 10% savings from low cost measures.


Renewable technologies for a prestige car manufacturer

WSP is helping a leading car manufacturer to minimise its environmental impact at its UK headquarters. We have reduced energy consumption and identified 17% savings with a 2-year payback and are investigating the possibility of onsite renewable energy technologies.


Carbon footprint for a leading drinks company

WSP is working with Diageo to produce a carbon footprint for their Scottish distilleries. This tracks the impact from planting the barley seed to delivering the bottle to the retailer. We also record and track the impact of changes made to their operations and to their supply chain.


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Energy Management

Energy Management

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