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Development Planning


As a development begins to take shape, constraints need to be identified, whether these are constraints posed by sources of noise or vibration that might affect the proposed development or the impacts that the proposed development might have on surrounding sensitive uses. We can help to shape masterplans and secure planning permissions.


Constraints & masterplanning


At the very early stages of a plan, whether for a single building, a new road, or a whole new town, we can identify where noise and vibration concerns might constrain your current development plans and find alternative solutions. Our advice might range from identifying how best to locate or orientate particular components or buildings, through to optimising barrier design. In short, we can advise how to meet your acoustical objectives and make your masterplan as robust as possible.


A focus on transportation


Any transportation project will have noise and vibration impacts which we can identify, assess and mitigate. We have experience across road, rail, aviation, bridge, tunnel and shipping projects. For example…in the UK we are working with the Highways Agency on one of their biggest road schemes where we have produced noise models for different route options and presented our assessment findings at the Public Exhibition. And in Sweden we are frequently engaged in noise assessments in connection with development and expansions of the nation’s major airports. In many of these projects we work in close collaboration with WSP Group’s Development & Transportation specialists to provide an integrated design and assessment service.


Environmental statements & planning


Once your masterplan is completed we will conduct an acoustical assessment to evaluate the noise and vibration impact of the preferred scheme. Typically this assessment will appear as a chapter in the Environmental Statement or as a stand-alone technical report, both suitable for submission to the Local Planning Authority in support of the planning application. We are also experienced at presenting expert evidence at Public Inquiry. Fundamentally we can help you to secure planning consent for your project.

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Acoustics Brochure

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Acoustics Brochure

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