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Product compliance.  Property regulations.  Energy efficiency targets. Permitting requirements.  The list of demands on organisations across the world can be quite overwhelming.  Greater still if your business operates in many different locations.


At WSP we can’t promise to make it all go away.  In fact most legislation is highly important to shaping a sustainable future.  But we can help you interpret the impacts on your business.  We can help you prepare, respond, adopt ‘best practice’ and even gain competitive edge.


The strength of our global team is that we can comment with knowledge about regulations that apply internationally, regionally and nationally.  Our experience enables us to deliver a balance between business sustainability, best practice and meeting minimum legislative standards. 


In this section of our website you can find out how we help clients respond to:

  • Product legislation – we’re advising clients in their response to REACH, WEEE and other EU driven legislation. We’re helping clients with product stewardship; we have an online tool that assesses life-cycle impacts and aids eco-design of electronic products; and we’ll assist clients with supply chain management programmes.
  • Property compliance – the energy efficiency and overall sustainability of property is increasingly under the microscope around the world. We advise on all major regulations which have a particular impact on asset value.
  • Permitting applications – for a wide range of industrial sector clients we assist with permit applications and liaise with regulators. We’ll complete surveys and deliver ongoing monitoring and reporting.


We have an excellent track record working with operators, regulators and industry bodies.  This gives us a depth of knowledge and understanding that enables us to offer very intuitive advice to our clients as we identify their legal obligations and audit compliance against these obligations.


We have also developed a number of online tracking tools that enable clients to register for instant information on existing and emerging legislation.


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REACH is said to be the most complicated piece of legislation to come out of Europe and will affect European organisations using any chemicals anywhere in their operations, and organisations importing into Europe. Find out more


Legislation for Electronics

Legislation for Electronics

Find out more on our online regulatory tracker for the electronics sector, EIA Track. Play

Legislation for Electronics