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Insurance Support

WSP Environment & Energy has over 20 years of experience supporting the insurers and insureds in the environmental insurance industry.   The combination of our environmental insurance industry, business, and technical experience and knowledge allows us to offer a level of expertise in environmental insurance matters that cannot be matched by any other environmental consulting firm.


We help support our clients’ applications for environmental insurance…


Our team of experts know how to present technical information for brokers and underwriters.  Often, the types of insurance our clients are looking to secure include:

  • Environmental site liability or pollution legal liability
  • Remediation cost cap
  • Product liability related to toxic substance exposures


By compiling information in a format that accurately defines the potential environmental risk of a site or product, we enhance a company’s ability to obtain environmental insurance.  We speed up the underwriting process.  And we reduce the risk of underwriters charging higher premiums for risks which are not understood sufficiently well.


Insurers understand the accuracy of our reports because we have a long history of providing environmental underwriting support, and include a number of former brokers and former insurers amongst our staff. Our analysis and conclusions have withstood the test of time.  


We do our homework.  Our easy to understand summary reports provide clarity for all stakeholders.  They describe current conditions on the site or issues surrounding a product, regulatory status, potential third party risks and, if warranted, anticipated remedial measures required.  By combining investigation with our engineering and remediation knowledge, we are able to identify the level of exposure to environmental risk that a site might represent.  Remediation cost estimates offer insurers the ability to feel comfortable with the level of insurance required.


Time and again, our intervention in the application for insurance has seen previously uninsurable sites obtain coverage.



…and we design solutions for managing insured sites


The most effective manner to minimise potential claim issues is to properly manage projects.


Our global team of remediation experts fulfil the obligations and objectives of a remediation project.  They keep all stakeholders involved and updated.  They produce clear documentation and maintain open lines of communication. In an environment where it is critical that insurers are kept up to date, this approach has earned WSP Environment & Energy a reputation for success. 

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Find out more about Active Transfer

Find out more about Active Transfer

WSP has combined our remediation and insurance expertise to provide our unique liability transfer service offering, Active Transfer, whereby WSP contractually assumes both known and unknown environmental liabilities at a site or portfolio of sites.

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