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Environmental Liabilities

Contaminated land has the potential to affect human health or our environment.  By assessing the possibilities and consequences of the effect of contaminated sites, we provide stakeholders with the ability to make informed business decisions on their potential obligations. 


Put simply, when it comes to advising on the liabilities associated with contaminated land we know what we are talking about. 


Across the world our specialists in this field can model the likelihood of pollutant movements and the possibility of scenario occurrence with the effects this could have on our ecosystems and human health.  We also use financial modelling techniques to quantify environmental risk for impacted organisations and will advise how best to minimise it. 


We build appropriate strategies to deal with contaminated soils and groundwater.  Our culture is one of closure.  For sites where remediation is required we have specialist project managers familiar with the very latest remediation techniques, many of which are ‘green’ and have a low energy impact.  And specifically in Europe we can also call on our own in-house contracting teams to execute the remediation.  


In summary, we help organisations to understand and manage the potential corporate risk resulting from environmental liabilities by:

  • Auditing environmental information and provisions, and reducing uncertainty through assessments of results, approaches and regulatory positions
  • Using our own uniquely developed online management information tools to estimate, track and manage environmental liabilities and related expenditures
  • Establishing management programmes to minimise, reduce or transfer environmental liabilities to third parties
  • Assisting with the preparation of financial reports, reserve estimates, and environmental insurance submissions
  • Developing programmes to manage the timing of remediation expenditures to conserve financial resources and balance cash flow, while also meeting regulatory requirements


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Environmental Advisor of the Year 2011

Environmental Advisor of the Year 2011

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Environmental Advisor of the Year 2011

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Liability Transfer

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