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Setting Policy & Direction

What’s right for your business? That’s probably the most important question to answer before you even begin considering the outputs from a sustainability or environmental strategy.


Certain compliance led requirements will impact your decision-making. But beyond that, policy and direction is influenced by what is right, practical and achievable for your business. You are looking for a strategy that excites people; makes a positive contribution to society; and gives you competitive edge, making a positive impact on your bottom line.


At WSP, our global corporate strategy team has experience working across many sectors. Hi-tech, finance, industry, manufacturing – a long list. You can shape the level of contribution you would like from our team, but it can include:


  • Reviewing and benchmarking your current activity and performance. We’ll benchmark against your objectives, industry standards, and competitors. This identifies areas to improve and areas to seize advantage from.


  • Strategy development. Through consultation and desk-based research we’ll map what sustainability means across your value chain. A clear, visual picture will emerge of the threats and the opportunities. We’ll help shape a strategy that is personal to your business.


  • Setting KPIs and monitoring performance. Having determined an appropriate strategy we will help you set metrics around goals and targets, and to monitor performance.


  • Managing behavioural change. Achieving buy-in to a new strategy or programme is crucial. With occupational psychologists in our team, we’ll help you design and implement communication programmes that drive action through behavioural change.


  • Auditing performance. Long term, our experienced auditors can assess the effectiveness of your approaches and systems. We also provide assurance reporting on your sustainability strategy, understanding the level of awareness and integration of these strategies in your business, and reporting to recognised standards.


Ultimately, we will help you prioritise your sustainability and environmental activities, streamline them with other business goals and ensure they are driven through core activities in your business.

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