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If you have implemented a sustainability strategy in your organisation, there is real value in providing assurance of its effectiveness.


The assurance process tests the level of awareness and integration of sustainability within your business and will help to inform and improve your sustainability activity.


At WSP, our approach in this field reflects international best practice in assurance. We adopt a robust and transparent audit process which is aligned with the requirements of AA 1000 – Assurance Standard, and other international standards.


Choosing which assurance approach is taken depends on the scope of issues addressed by an organisation. However, WSP’s approach focuses on not only checking the report, but providing detailed recommendations and advice on how a company can improve future performance and meet stakeholder needs.


The process of assurance usually comprises interviews with key personnel. We will also do a thorough review of the progress reports submitted from across your business to ensure that the information in the reports has been transposed and submitted correctly.


Our approach


WSP’s global team can help you with the assurance of your sustainability reporting. Our internationally recognised approach is to provide a total reporting solution which includes ongoing support. The stages include:


  • Assessment – we assess the scale of the assurance; identifying what output we need to achieve, the business units to be included within interviews and an agreement on a timeframe for completion


  • Communication – we produce and distribute pre-briefing documents, detailing outcomes and objectives, to each member of staff taking part in an interview


  • Action – we interview staff and review documentation


  • Reporting – we produce comprehensive assurance reports


  • Forward planning – we help to develop future planning for years to come to ensure your business remains in line with best practice


We believe that the outputs of the assurance process should be used to develop planning for the future, which in turn leads to a continuing improved sustainability performance.

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Shaping ISO 26000

Shaping ISO 26000

In Sweden we represent the national committee at international meetings to shape ISO 26000, a proposed new global standard around social responsibility and sustainability performance.

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