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Geotechnical Design & Management

From the design of foundations, to earthworks and retaining structures, our global geotechnical business has a wealth of experience.  And if we don’t have the relevant experience in-country, we share the knowledge of our experts elsewhere in the world.


Appropriate designs


High rise buildings, infrastructure, tunnels, deep basements, slopes, retaining structures, river and coastal erosion.  We have a wealth of expertise in the design of solutions required for these projects.  And we know what will make a difference to the success of a project. 


We can advise on the ability to treat materials on site to improve their strength and use.  We have the technical ability to advise how to minimize risks, costs and time.  We understand what it takes to make a project commercially viable, safe, sustainable and effective. 


Ongoing management of support structures


Structures which support a building or a transport link can be considered as an asset.  That asset requires monitoring and managing to ensure its continued value, and often its safety.  We assist our clients with this ongoing asset management with appropriate maintenance, monitoring programmes and, where appropriate, remedial solutions.

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Shoreline Management

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