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Geotechnical Investigation

For both development and restoration projects, all geotechnical engineering initiatives invariably begin with a desk study appraisal and a site investigation.


Investigations inform the assessment of risk to property infrastructure, humans, and the environment.  The risks are posed by both man made and natural hazards such as soft ground, groundwater issues, earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction, debris flows, rock falls and climate change issues. 


As part of our appraisal we look at soil and rock properties, the distribution of faults and the groundwater regime below the area of interest.  And we do this to understand how they will interact with proposed construction or instability issues.


We design, specify and supervise site investigations as an integrated package.  


Investigations inform feasibility and design


WSP Environment & Energy undertake investigations to determine the geotechnical risks and opportunities at the initial stages of a project.  These investigations allow for the early identification of any constraints of a development / restoration scheme posed by ground related issues.  This means we can work with our clients to determine project feasibility and provide an outline design.


We can provide an indication of the risk our clients might face in terms of project constraints, costs and timescales of a project.  And we can help reduce those costs and realise increased value by optimising the engineering solutions we design. 

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Save time & money

Save time & money

Assessing soil and groundwater contamination in conjunction with geotechnical investigations saves time and money.

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