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Geotechnical Support

Understanding the engineering behaviour of soil and rock is what our geotechnical engineers do best.  Issues of strength, stability and durability (and where relevant contamination) are assessed, designed and managed.  


From maritime to land reclamation.  From land reclamation to highways.  We are passionate about this exciting discipline.


Site Investigation


By investigating subsurface conditions we are able to determine the physical/mechanical and chemical properties of materials that make up the ground.  A range of investigation techniques are deployed to determine the geotechnical risks and opportunities of an existing structure, planned development or restoration project.  Reliable desk study appraisals and site investigations allow the thorough assessment of the risks posed by site conditions.


Design and Management


We design solutions for development and restoration projects.  Whether we are dealing with the development of a high rise building, infrastructure, unstable slopes, or a tunnel, our experts work with our clients to design a solution for their situation. 


Dispute Resolution and Litigation Support


We act independently to resolve disputes, deliver forensic analysis of the issues and provide input to mediation claims and legal proceedings.


In addition to investigating and designing the geotechnical aspects of development or restoration projects, we also monitor and advise on completed projects, notably investigating issues that may emerge over time and designing remedial solutions.

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Rolled up plans
FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

We have worked on some of the most prestigious developments around the world. We’ve undertaken investigations for the FIFA World Cup 2010 Stadium in Cape Town, as well as working on the proposed high rise development ‘the Shard’ in the UK.  

Eurocode 7

Eurocode 7

Eurocode 7 was introduced on 1st April 2010 and is one of the most far reaching documents to impact groundworks design in the last 30 years and will have major implications for geotechnical design.

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Eurocode 7