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Health & Safety Management

Most organisations appreciate the importance of minimising incidents and accidents in the workplace.  Employees respect your attention to safety, productivity is not comprised, and your brand is enhanced. 


At WSP we have the capability to assist our clients with a fully integrated health and safety management programme.  This includes developing safety cultures, optimising management systems, providing in-country legal compliance, and delivering global behavioural safety change programmes.  


Attitudes and behaviours right across an organisation will always strongly influence the importance placed on health and safety.  Our specialists across the world can advise you on crucial aspects of issues such as safety leadership, best practise industrial hygiene, appropriate working conditions and stress management. 


Our professionals work with organisations in sectors as diverse as shipping, chemicals, construction, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and petroleum.  Our global team includes chartered occupational psychologists, RABQSA registered auditors in health and safety and injury management, and certified industrial hygienists.


Some of the specific issues we manage for clients include:

  • Design and implementation of behavioural based safety processes
  • Safety leadership training to help managers understand how influential their own behaviours are in shaping other peoples attitude to safety
  • Safety climate surveys to identify an organisation’s approach to risk
  • Management processes to investigate and handle any incidents that do occur
  • Comprehensive environmental, health, safety and security audits to ensure compliance with regulations, especially relevant in the US
  • Development and evaluation of occupational health and safety programmes
  • Investigation of ‘sick buildings’ to identify issues with indoor environments that affect the workplace or the future use of a building


Wherever you work with our people we will advocate a rigorous analysis of your current practices, the development of management systems and measurement criteria, and the prioritisation of issues that can improve performance and ensure a positive safety culture.

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