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How we do it

What we do as a company is impressive, but we think we are also different to most in how we do it.


Our Method

We deliver our work with a diverse team. Diverse in expertise. Diverse in background. And diverse in location. We bring different but aligned people together and this ensures you get people who understand your business, who bring the right blend of expertise, and who are full of new ideas.


Our teams include technical experts, scientists, thought leaders, sector specialists, project managers, financiers, engineers and many more. The environmental agenda is evolving all the time, but our strength and knowledge comes from our diversity and a recognition that between us, we can find the right answers.


Our Style

If we were to describe a ‘typical’ person at WSP we would say they would be well connected. Hugely supportive and a good listener. Passionate about achieving something. Highly professional and approachable. Trustworthy. And great to work with.  


We like to challenge to see if we can find a better way of doing things. And we like to push boundaries to achieve something new. All whilst ensuring we meet your budgets, deadlines and expectations.


Our Results

We do not deliver average solutions. Whether delivered through a report, programme implementation or onsite work, our work will address your issues quickly, in clear and plain language. We won’t use industry jargon. We will ensure our results make business sense and are underpinned by the very best technical expertise.