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How we stand out

Breadth of expertise – few can match it

We have a breadth of expertise that enables us to work with you, across every facet of your business, on any climate change and environmental issue. This ranges from remediating land, to designing sustainable property, and corporate adaptation strategies. You can understand more about what we do across this website but we think you’ll agree that few companies offer such a spectrum of expertise. This is underpinned by technical and scientific excellence. And we marry this with sector specialists and project managers to ensure our team understands your business, its challenges and opportunities.   


Global spread – it’s not just where we are, it’s the way we work

We’re a global company. We have 200 offices across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America. You can find out more about where we are elsewhere in this website. But our strength comes from more than having lots of offices in the right places, it’s about how we connect them, and few do it like us. We’re globally integrated. We assemble project teams that have strong local support as well as virtual extensions to include other international offices. This means that we have all the very best and most relevant experts on the one team.


People – we have great thinkers that you’ll enjoy working with

Business is all about people. Do you trust and like who you work with? Do they find the right answers and add value? We focus on getting and keeping the right people. We give them a fulfilling environment that enables them to be at their very best and to stay ahead of new and breaking issues. They focus on horizon scanning to help you prepare for what lies ahead. So you will find our expertise is constantly expanding to cater for all of the latest thinking and emerging information.