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Human Factors Engineering

Human Factors is a systematic approach that enables you to understand and consider human capabilities and limitations within your workplace in relation to health and safety.


Most incidents in the workplace arise through human error.  Some are simply errors, and some are ‘violations’ as a result of a poor attitude to safety. 


In the majority of cases our knowledge and understanding of the role of Human Factors only comes to light after systems failures and major incidents. 


At WSP, our team of experts can help you improve human performance and provide support against human error. 


Our team’s approach includes:

  • Human error identification and reduction
  • Application within Safety Management Systems
  • Human factors support information for safety reports
  • Safety Culture assessment and improvement
  • Procedures design and assessment
  • Competency specification and development
  • Task analysis for safety critical tasks
  • Risk assessment
  • Human error auditing


Our experienced team of professionals has worked with a diverse range of organisations around the world during their careers.  They have worked in sectors such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shipping, military aviation, chemical and construction.

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