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Hydrogeology Assessments

Q. Could shallow groundwater put your development at risk?

Q. Does your site have groundwater abstractions, springs and wetlands that need protecting?

Q. Is groundwater flow carrying pollution through your site?

Q. Does your site have water supply security risks?


We have an energetic team of dedicated hydrogeologists ready to answer these types of questions. The team delivers a balance between practical and commercial business solutions and sustainability best practice, whilst ensuring compliance with appropriate regulations.


We provide a wide range of water resource and contaminant hydrogeology services to support the control, supply and remediation of groundwater including:


Groundwater Management

  • Hydrogeological & hydro-ecological impact assessment
  • Water cycle studies
  • Construction water management
  • Mine & quarry dewatering & restoration
  • Foundation dewatering
  • Tidal & saline impacts on groundwater
  • Stormwater management


Groundwater Protection & Development

  • Ground source heating and cooling schemes
  • Groundwater supply, design & development
  • Groundwater quality surveys
  • Advanced site diagnostics
  • Well condition surveys
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Artificial storage & recharge


Groundwater Pollution & Remediation

  • Groundwater investigation & risk assessment
  • Accident management planning
  • Pollutant fate & transport modelling
  • Remedial design & regulatory negotiations
  • Product recovery & groundwater treatment
  • Forensic hydrogeology & dye tracing