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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is defined as the recognition, evaluation and control of workplace hazards.  Typically these include exposure to chemicals and over-exposure to noise, heat, fumes, dust, vibration and repetitive motion.


Our teams across our global business have the ability to conduct comprehensive industrial hygiene and safety monitoring services for clients.  Typically, we have worked with manufacturers in sectors as varied as aerospace, food processing, petroleum and electronics.


We will develop and evaluate occupational health and safety programmes, and these can cater for basic safety, such as machine guarding, or more comprehensive programmes such as respiratory protection programmes, local exhaust ventilation etc.


Our support enables clients to evaluate current practices and management systems, prioritise improvements, and develop programmes and plans to ensure safety and be compliant.


Complex liability issues can impact clients across the world, especially in the US and Canada.  We offer compliance advice around issues such as:

  • Environmental
  • Health & safety
  • Chemical security
  • Hazardous material transportation
  • Fire protection
  • Asbestos and lead paint
  • Mould
  • Indoor air quality


We have completed detailed compliance audits under all major US, Asian, Australian and European regulatory programme areas.  From these different jurisdictions, this includes:

  • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act in the US
  • Toxic Substances Control Act in the US
  • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act in the US
  • Occupational Safety & Health Act in the US
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, COSHH 2002, in the UK – managed through the HSE Guidance document, EH40/2005, entitled ‘Workplace exposure limits’


We have a rigorous in-house audit training programme.  In the US this is led by EHS&S auditing professionals who are certified by the Board of Environmental Health & Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC) in environmental compliance, health & safety, EMS14000 Plus and Responsible Care.  We are also active members of The Auditing Roundtable Inc, and our team includes professional auditors, safety professionals and industrial hygienists who are all certified, plus registered professional engineers in fire protection.




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Safety for the FBI

Safety for the FBI

We conducted a comprehensive fire protection, occupational safety and health, and environmental management compliance audit of the facilities and operations of the FBI at its Virginia training centre.  This included the FBI’s state-of-the-art forensic laboratory and firing ranges.  Deficiencies were identified in respect of regulatory compliance with mitigation measures provided. Contact Craig for more information –

Our Legionella Capabilities

Our Legionella Capabilities

Minimising the risk of persons contracting Legionellosis is a key part of managing water quality and hygiene.  We can help you to understand and implement any necessary precautions. 

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