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International working

A great benefit of working for a global business is the opportunity to travel.


With WSP there are opportunities to experience different cultures, meet new colleagues, and share experiences and knowledge.


Periodically we are able to offer our people international transfers or secondments. These can be permanent, maybe to support you through a change of personal circumstance.  Or they can be temporary  –  short-term to meet a specific client requirement; longer-term to help establish a business division, or provide additional support to an existing team.


And in appropriate circumstances we are very supportive of just travelling for a few days to meet clients or colleagues if it enhances relationships and builds knowledge.


Here is the proof …


Katherine Howell is a Marketing Executive who has relocated from the UK to the US:


“I’ve always wanted to live and work in another country, so I was delighted to get the opportunity to transfer to the lead office of our US business. As part of our global Marketing team this has really improved my knowledge of this key region and is helping me to advance my career as I have learnt so much so quickly.”

US to Hong Kong

US to Hong Kong

Chris Hazen has relocated from San Francisco to Hong Kong, delivering to clients on issues concerning environmental impact and sustainability. “The developing economies of Asia offer incredible opportunities and challenges, and the icing on the cake is to work in such a different and exciting environment.”

US to Hong Kong