Actions & Management Planning

As you have probably seen from other pages in our website, we undertake all types of ecological and biodiversity assessments and surveys. From those, and our wider ecological expertise, we regularly produce ecological and biodiversity action plans and formulate management plans for ecologically sensitive areas.


Biodiversity Action Plans (BAP’s)

Ecological assessments often identify the need for a specific Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). We have developed BAPs for many types and sizes of site, ranging from land used for mining in South Africa through to Special Areas of Conservation in Europe and environmental.


The formulation of the BAP is closely linked to commitments made to biodiversity by individual countries and regions at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro 1992.  We individually look at projects and local commitments and match our inputs and outputs to achieve pre set targets.  This way we can help to contribute to global, national and local targets that can help benefit and sustain wildlife going forwards.


To develop BAPs, we utilise a unique set of tools including:

  • Biodiversity Baseline Assessments
  • Biodiversity Evaluation
  • Setting of Biodiversity Objectives
  • Biodiversity Impact Assessments
  • Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Planning and Monitoring Strategies
  • Ecological Footprints
  • Biodiversity Offsets



Management Plans

We are fully conversant with local and regional legislation, as well as global best practice, and our plans incorporate leading habitat protection, restoration and management advice. We are experienced in developing, executing and monitoring ecological management plans.

Policies, plans and projects will often require the careful management of surrounding habitats and biodiversity.

Our management plans take you through how the site will be managed on a step by step basis. They are designed to help achieve commitments made under planning conditions and achieve significant wildlife benefit. And they will be prescriptive to show both short and long term measures to maintain and enhance wildlife on site.

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Biodiversity Action Plan

Biodiversity Action Plan

We undertook biodiversity assessments and developed a BAP for three of Highveld Steel & Vanadium Corporation Limited facilities across South Africa. We produced biodiversity baseline assessments, engaged the public and stakeholders, set biodiversity objectives, undertook a biodiversity evaluation, and managed and formulated the BAP planning and monitoring strategy.