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Legal Compliance

Ever increasing levels of legislation are affecting organisations across the world.  And the effect is felt even more acutely when an organisation has operations in many different locations.


The strength of our global team is that we are able to advise clients on the impacts and requirements of different legislation worldwide; regulations that apply internationally, regionally and nationally.  There are some key benefits from this:

  • We can help clients maintain various management system standards, for example ISO14001, by ensuring they have identified and are compliant with relevant legislation
  • We can help clients identify areas at risk of prosecution
  • We identify forthcoming legislation and can help clients prepare to manage the impacts
  • We identify market opportunities that clients can take advantage of as they comply with new and emerging legislation


Our experience enables us to deliver a balance between business sustainability, best practice and meeting minimum legislative standards. 


We have an excellent track record working with operators, regulators and industry bodies.  This gives us a depth of knowledge and understanding that enables us to offer very intuitive advice to our clients as we identify their legal obligations and audit compliance against these obligations


In summary our approach is as follows:

  • Identify your legal obligations
  • Develop a register of these obligations
  • Develop and implement control measures to deliver or improve compliance
  • Provide training on specific legal issues and a holistic approach to managing all obligations
  • Tracking impacts of changes and proposed future legislation
  • Auditing an organisation’s adherence to regulations on a periodic basis


We have expertise across all major areas of environmental and product compliance: waste management; REACH; industrial permit applications; the future Climate Change Bill; the list goes on, and this website details many of these specifically.