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Low Carbon Product Design

We live in a carbon conscious world and carbon is becoming an important purchasing criteria for many consumers. The input materials that carbon emissions are derived from are also forming an ever more significant portion of product costs. If managed properly, low carbon products can be both a source of competitive advantage and cost savings. And no, it is not too good to be true. Sustainability and commerciality can go hand-in-hand.


We look at the following areas surrounding your products to identify carbon efficiencies:


  • The supply chain and their materials and processes
  • Raw materials / full bill of materials
  • Design specifications
  • Production processes
  • Product functionality
  • Packaging
  • Consumer usage
  • End of life disposal and re-use


We utilise the knowledge of our many technical experts to audit the carbon impacts of current production processes, outputs and products. And we can identify the total carbon emissions for an individual product, or suite of products. From this we develop carbon and eco-friendly product designs and production processes, either to specified targets, to meet regulatory requirements or to generally reduce associated carbon emissions. We can also produce product specific carbon labels.


We’ve gained a lot of experience in this area and have worked with a broad mix of clients. From those in technology to furnishings, and from food and drink to textiles. Take a look through our track record for more information. Or jump to our Designing Products area for more information on general product stewardship and product sustainability.


Online help for electronic products

We are really proud to have a track record in the electronics industry that is unparalleled. See our Designing Products and Product Compliance areas for more information. But most recently we launched a new online tool (called Ecofly) to help producers of electronic products implement more eco-friendly designs. Visit our dedicated Ecofly website for more information.

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Did you know...?

Did you know…?

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Did you know...?

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