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Nurturing talent

We are a business that gives our people opportunities. Opportunities to develop your career, and opportunities to develop your overall business skills and industry standing.


Career development


WSP Environment & Energy is a business where you have the opportunity to travel and work in different areas, or work for clients in different parts of the world. It’s a business where with talent and aptitude you can find yourself leading out on a new service area, or building up our presence in a new location.


If you have an idea that stacks up commercially, you’ll be given the support and asked to take it to market.


Personal development


Our teams are full of people who want to succeed. WSP is a business that will support your personal development. Here are just a few examples:


  • TaskForce – A real ‘golden nugget’ in the whole WSP Group business. An opportunity for early career professionals to get involved in discussing and influencing some key development initiatives. Individuals apply for selection. Teams are formed and facilitated. Opportunities exist to listen and engage with colleagues from very diverse areas. Business skills are enhanced. Ultimately teams present their findings and recommendations to the CEO, and ideas are implemented.


  • Platforms & media – We look to shape the debate on key topics such as the impacts of climate change, the sustainability agenda, and the way we will live in the future. If you have knowledge and opinions we’ll find you platforms to express them on. And we’ll give you coaching in how to address the media, and an audience.


  • Skills development – Regular performance reviews ensure staff and their line managers agree future learning opportunities. These will include technical skill development, business and leadership skills, and other specific learning around financial management, contract management etc.


Task Force - a great opportunity

Task Force – a great opportunity

Listen to Brooke Dillon from our US team on why being involved in WSP’s TaskForce was such a great development opportunity.



We like sharing ideas and views between each other. WSP has an active discussion ‘Group’ on the business networking site LinkedIn.