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Managing Organisational Stress

Understanding the sources of stress within your organisation and managing those impacts is an important responsibility for any business.


This approach will demonstrate that you have a caring culture.  An effective strategy to manage stress will reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.  It’s a fact of life that there are now increased levels of competition and ever higher expectations placed on employees.  Being able to identify and eliminate hazards that can affect performance, such as stress, is important.  And recent stress litigation cases illustrate the need to take steps to minimise its impact in your business.


At WSP we advocate understanding the causes of stress, and not just the effects  –  there are three stages:

  • A stress audit and risk assessment will identify how to prevent stress
  • Stress awareness and management training will mange the issue
  • External and confidential counselling and employee assistance programmes will treat the effects


We can help you conduct a stress audit.  We will study existing information in your business such as labour turnover, sickness absence figures, timekeeping and complaints.  This helps to identify ‘hotspots’.  We will then develop a stress audit questionnaire tailored to your organisation’s needs, and we will use focus groups and interviews to validate findings. 


This process will provide you with a written report and presentation on the findings.  Our experienced team at WSP will also provide you with recommendations for appropriate actions to address the issues raised.  We can also help you develop a stress policy and implement this in your organisation with awareness campaigns and training.