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Our Expertise

We are a global consultancy providing advice on all aspects of environmental, energy, sustainability, climate change, and business risk issues. It’s a diverse offering that ranges from acoustical design to corporate footprinting, and from land remediation to renewable energy strategies. In this area of our website you can get a general overview of what we do, explore our expertise through the boxes below, or find a specific service through our directory.

  • Our Expertise

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  • Managing Risk

    Managing Risk

    Through the due diligence process, health & safety programmes, risk management strategies and compliance initiatives, we help to manage risk.

  • Restoring Land

    Restoring Land

    We investigate sites to identify hazards, supported by remediation programmes and liability solutions. And we devise ecological rehabilitation strategies.

  • Our expertise

    Corporate Strategy

    We devise strategies and responses to climate change that address supply-chains, operations, corporate footprints and the greening of products.

  • Our expertise

    Energy & Resources

    We help companies to adapt to climate change, control carbon and ghg emissions, and manage energy, waste and water resources.

  • Our expertise

    Development & Planning

    We provide design and planning support for for the built and natural environment, embracing sustainability, ecology, energy, environmental planning and geotechnical and acoustical design.